Ever since coming to Boston I’ve been obsessed with the T. It’s a love hate relationship: Nothing’s better than admiring the station architecture at some of the subway stops, but nothing’s more aggravating than going standby at Harvard Ave.

But everyone in Boston does not get this experience.2013-10-19 10.22.55

 I am a student studying political science and environmental studies at Boston College. I reluctantly take the B-Line into the city out of convenience, and love to explore Boston via public transit. I proudly went down to Government Center to say my last goodbyes before it closed for two years, and visited Ashmont for the sake of admiring the station.
What interests me most is how public transportation is an issue of social justice. All too often, low-income areas of cities are neglected because they are not given fair access to transportation (Boston is no exception). My interest in transportation justice was sparked by the documentary Equal or Better and has continued as I learn more about the MBTA each day.
From the Fairmount Line to Silver Line extensions in Chelsea, I believe transportation can be paramount in opening up jobs and opportunities to people throughout Greater Boston. From a policy lens, more needs to be done by cities and the state to expand these services since more and more people are taking public transportation.
This website is a place for me to publish my thoughts, my photos, and my ramblings about Boston’s beloved public transportation system and its potential to grow. I hope through a myriad of photos, text, and discussion to publicly show how transportation affects all aspects of a city. The MBTA faces steep challenges in terms of funding, management, and expansion, so I hope for this site to explore some of these deeper policy issues.
Further, this site is a way to tease out Boston’s urban history, and how modern urban planning theories materialize in a city steeped in history.

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